Ron Paul 2008 Video Diary


Ron and Bill

        in New Hampshire

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Episode 1 - New Hampshire, P.1

The first campaign trip began on February 24, 2007 in Manchester New    Hampshire.  Episode 1 follows Dr. Paul and Kent Snyder on a jam-packed day of public    appearances, lunch with the New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman, tour of the State House and private moments in the car while traveling on this frigid New England day.


Join Dr. Paul on this highly anticipated campaign stump exploring the possibility of entering the 2008 Presidential campaign.  Looking back on this day, we remember the uncertainty that there was enough support to venture beyond a Presidential Exploritory Committee.


Here are those tentative steps presented through limited editing as it happened.


For more details go to Bill's blog Episode 1 (Sept. 13, 2009) entry.  Also check Supporters and Staffers forums and as always feel free to add your own blog entry.

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"A Reluctant Candidate Emerges"