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KFNX Interview 


Ron Paul Video Diary Episode 3 Extras:

Ron Paul Video Diary Episode 2 Extras:

This video contains two segments of Video Extras from Episode Two of the Ron Paul 2008 Video Diary. The first segment is a continuation of the breakfast meeting at the Merrimack Cafe. The second segment is the continuation of Dr. Paul's talk at Dartmouth University.

Here if the remainder of the KFNX video continued from Episode 3.

This was the first event I shot for the second campaign trip

to warm and sunny Phoenix.

KFYI Interview


Arizona Republic Editorial Board

This is the KFYI interview with a very supportive talk show host.

This was the third in-person interview of the day and we had

only gotten through about half of our day.

This is the first editorial board interview of the campaign. I only intended to use a few highlights of this interview for the official campaign video which is why I spend several minutes filming insert shots (hands, coffee cups, close-ups of reporters, etc.). I'm including all the footage here so you can at least hear almost everything Dr. Paul said in the meeting.

KAET Arizona PBS Interview

Here is the interview I filmed at Phoenix PBS affiliate KAET. Please forgive some of the "odd" camera work as I was only intending to use soundbites of this interview for the campaign video. As it turns out this footage was never used but is included here in its entirety - bad camera work and all!